Altai Cashmere LLC


Since its establishment in 1991, Altai Cashmere has already distinguished itself by its unique traditional design and style of Mongolian cashmere in both foreign and domestic markets.  Altai Cashmere started its operation by exporting both raw and refined cashmere to international markets.

The company directly exports its processed and de-haired cashmere fibers as well as knitted cashmere garments to Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea and USA.

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Chinggis Khaan Hotel LLC


Chinggis Khaan Complex LLC was established in 1996 and operates Chinggis Khaan Hotel with the mission to create the finest experience imaginable through their unique royal treatment service for their hotel guests. Chinggis Khaan Hotel’s outstanding service excellence resides on the peaceful resting environment that reflects both the Mongolian culture and hospitality. The Hotel strides to leave lifelong lasting special memories and appreciation for those travelling to Ulaanbaatar for both work and pleasure.

The Hotel offers 196 rooms, 3 Restaurants, Conference Halls, Meeting Rooms, VIP Rooms, Coffee Shop, Business Center, Indoor Swimming Pool, Sauna & Massage Center, Fitness Center and a Beauty Salon. Sky Department Store is directly accessible from the Hotel as well. Chinggis Khaan Hotel has close partnerships and business ties with 150 foreign and domestic firms. 

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Sky Trading LLC


Established in 2001, Sky Trading LLC opened Sky Department Store. Today, the department store is one of the top luxury-grade department stores in Ulaanbaatar recognized for its wide range of high-quality products and brands. In 2009, the Company opened Sky Hypermarket, thus entering the whole sale market.  

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Datacare LLC


Datacare LLC is a software development and equipment trading company founded in 2011. Initially, the Company’s management team worked with Sky Trading LLC for over 10 years by supplying and maintaining their retail software system before venturing out to establish their own company. Datacare LLC successfully introduced retail software system with Oracle database to the Mongolian market. 

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Chinggis Khaan Town LLC


The current area surrounding Chinggis Khaan Hotel will be transformed to house the largest real estate development in Mongolian history. The development will have an overall footprint of over 70,000 square meters (>7 hectares).

The complex will be an all-in one mixed use complex with cross-synergies and will become a premier landmark development in Mongolia.

The complex will hold many retail channels of Altai Holding’s portfolio, as well as house its future office operations.

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