We always look for bright professionals who is willing to work with great teams and perform in their best ability and knowledge in the industries that we operate, such as hospitality, retail, fashion design, exports and imports, finance, IT, entertainment etc. We welcome individuals to contact us, who is interested in our company and its subsidiaries and we are most willing to tell about the opportunities we offer. 

Current Vacancies

Marketing and Sales

                             Marketing Manager, Sky Trading LLC

                             Sales Manager, Sky Trading LLC

                             Sales Assistant and Cashier, Altai Cashmere LLC, Sky Trading LLC

Finance, Account and Supply

                              Economist, Sky Trading LLC, Chinggis Khaan Hotel

                              Accountant, Sky Trading LLC, Altai Cashmere LLC

Administration, Human Resource, Legislation

                              Reception, Altai Cashmere LLC, Chinggis Khaan Hotel                             

Fashion design and graphic design

                              Fashion Designer, Altai Cashmere LLC

                              Master Layout Designer, Altai Cashmere LLC


                              Electric Engineer, Altai Cashmere LLC

                              Engineer Technician, Sky Trading LLC

                              Network Engineer, Chinggis Khaan Hotel

                              Electrician, Chinggis Khaan Hotel


                              Head Chief, Chinggis Khaan Hotel


                              Fitness Center Organizer, Chinggis Khaan Hotel

For more employment opportunity or information inquiry please contact us at info@altaiholding.mn.