The Korean Emart hypermarket brand is operated by Sky Hypermarket LLC with 90% equity interest in Altai Holding LLC. The first branch was opened in July 2016, under the name "Emart Chinggis" and in 2018, the Emart District branch followed. In 2019, Emart Khan-Uul was opened as the largest branch serving its customers. In the first quarter of 2020, Mongolia's first advanced online shopping experience for fresh groceries was launched and is in beta testing. Emart continues to raise the standards of the retail experience for Mongolian customers and meet their everyday life needs. 

Emart was established as the No.1 Korean retail network in 1993 and is Korea's first hypermarket franchise. It is a retail company focused on creating a happy lifestyle for every user. As of December 2015, the brand had 159 branches in Korea and 16 branches in China prior to entering new retail markets in Vietnam and Mongolia. Emart is expected to expand 200 new stores by 2023.


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