Signing Ceremony Between E-Mart and Altai Holding

Altai Holding LLC, one of the Top 50 Enterprises of Mongolia, has been operating with the main goal to provide a comfortable environment, top-notch service and a wide selection of food and other name products that have met all international standards for our customers.
On 24th of April 2014, our Company has signed a Cooperation Agreement with E-Mart Co., Ltd., one of the leading companies of South Korea, to open E-Mart Chain Stores in Mongolia. For the first time in Mongolian history, E-Mart’s new Hypermarkets will bring world-class service and high quality products that have met all international health requirements for all citizens of Mongolia.

E-Mart, the top retailer company in South Korea, has 30 years of rich history in the industry and 150 store branches all over South Korea, Vietnam and China. E-Mart is the leading eco-friendly firm in the market with the latest technology and eco green system.

The first flagship store for Mongolia is scheduled to open in Ulaanbaatar in 2015 with further plans to open more branches all over Mongolia. For the construction of E-Mart Mongolia’s flagship store, we will be cooperating with Korean construction companies and together we will build E-Mart Hypermarket as an eco-friendly retail store that leads towards solving the current environmental issues of Ulaanbaatar. In order to do so, we plan to use solar energy for 40% of our energy consumption, decrease waste and plan to take under the latest technologies to re-use our water supply. Our mission is to become a green and eco friendly company.

In 2001, Altai Holding was the first company to bring in a western supermarket system into Mongolia. Sky Department Store was the 1st department store in Mongolia that met all international standards. With over 10 years of experience in the trade sector, our Company has been recognized as a model forerunner firm.

We hope our hard efforts will bring life’s true happiness to our customers.

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